Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Farm Animals

Sorry I have been a little MIA here lately on our blog! I'm going to take the next few posts to catch up. :)
After our big trip to the farm, we finished up our study of farm animals.  We learned about how baby farm animals find their mothers using their sense of smell.  We did a little experiment to see how it worked.  We had little jars that contained different items with strong scents (mouthwash, cinnamon, etc.). We separated the lids and jars and mixed the all up.  Everyone got a piece and they had to use their sense of smell to find their mate.  It was harder than we expected!! It was fun though!

We didn't get to see any cows on our trip to the farm, but we did get to meet Eaton's very own Bessie the cow!  We even got to milk her! Check out our pictures below!

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