Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dental Health

February is Children's Dental Health month, so we have been learning about how to take care of our teeth. We began our study by brainstorming words to describe teeth.  We described teeth as being shiny, hard, smooth, white, wiggly, bumpy, and clean.  Here is the chart we made.  

Throughout the week we learned about our different types of teeth and what they help us do.  We learned that kids have 20 teeth and adults have 32!  We made this replica of a mouth using marshmallows and labeled the teeth.  

We also learned about foods that are good for our teeth and foods that our bad for our teeth.  We found out that apples and carrots are especially good for our teeth.  What a yummy snack!  

We also tried to use apples, marshmallow fluff, and a few marshmallows to make a smile.  It ended up being a sticky mess!  Oh well!  

On Friday Josie's aunt, Dr. Stephanie from Wilmington Pediatric Dentistry, came to talk to us about taking care of our teeth.  We learned so much and had a lot of fun!  A big thanks to Dr.Stephanie for offering to do that for us!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day!

We had such a lovely Valentine's Day!  We read lots of silly valentine books and poems.  In math, we did some fun math stations using candy hearts.  We weighed different classroom objects, measured things, and played a grab and count game.  Here are some pictures from our stations.  

We had a lot of fun sharing our homemade valentine boxes and passing out our valentines!  They were all so different and creative!   

After we passed out all our cards and had a chance to look through them, we sorted and graphed them.  We made piles of cards with super heroes, animals, cartoon characters, etc.  

Then we made a special scrapbook.  I got this wonderful idea from Deanna Jump's Valentine's Day unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I thought it would be a great way to showcase their valentines!  I hope you enjoyed looking at them!  

And a special thanks to Davis' mom for sending in cupcakes for us!  They were delicious!  

Check back soon to see what we have learned in our Dental Health study!  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 Days Smarter!

I can't believe we have been in school for 100 days!  We had so much fun celebrating this milestone!  Here is a quick look at our day!

During shared reading, we read a book about the 100th day of school.  In the story, a little girl brings her 100 year old great grandmother to school with her on the 100th day.  We discussed what it meant to be 100 years old and talked about how we thought we would look and feel at that age.  Some of my favorite responses were: "I think I would feel all funny inside" and "I think it would take me hours to do things."  :)  Then we made self portraits of ourselves at 100.  I love how they all turned out!  So cute!  

Then we read a poem called "100 Is a Lot!"  It has 100 words!  We counted to be sure!  

During writing, we wrote about what we would do if we had 100 dollars.  We made a class book to go into our classroom library.  

During math, we sorted our bags of 100 items into groups of ten and then practiced counting by tens to 100.  

For snack, we made 100th day trail mix.  We had ten different bowls of goodies.  They had to take ten items from each bowl and mix it up to make their 100 piece trail mix.  This was a lot of fun and gave us some great counting practice!  

At the end of the 100th day of school, the entire Kindergarten team got together for the 100th Day Olympics!  

We did 100 jumping jacks!  

We played 100 point bean bag toss!

We hula hooped 100 times! 

We dribbled a basketball 100 times!

We played hopscotch and practiced writing our numbers to 100 using chalk!

We did a 100 bean bag toss! 

We had so much fun celebrating the 100th day of school! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day!

We had such a busy Groundhog Day!  We came to school this morning eager to find out whether or not Phil saw his shadow!  We checked and found out that he did.  Six more weeks of winter! Maybe we will get some snow!  

Yesterday we read a book about predictions and made our own predictions about whether or not Phil would see his shadow.  


We analyzed our data from our graph and saw that more of us thought he would see his shadow.  

During our shared reading this week, we have been learning a song called "I'm a Little Groundhog".  The kids love it!  They sing it all day!  

 We have been performing it all week for other teachers, so I thought I would make a video so that you all could hear it too!  It is too cute!

During writing we read a story about a groundhog and his burrow.  After we read the story, we brainstormed what we would want our burrow to be like if we were a groundhog.  Then we drew pictures of our burrows and wrote about them.  Most of us decided we would like our burrow to be warm and cozy!  

During math, we went outside and measured our shadows.  We used our feet as our measuring tools and recorded our measurements.  Once we got back inside, we compared our measurements and wrote math sentences using the words longer and shorter.  I am so glad the sun decided to come out!  

To end our Groundhog Day, we made these adorable and yummy groundhog snacks!  Thanks to everyone who sent items in!  

We had such a great day!  I can't wait to celebrate out 100th day on Monday! 

Polar Animals!

Earlier this week, we finished up our study of polar animals.  We read some nonfiction books about polar bears and walruses.  We learned so many cool facts!  Did you know that under their fur, polar bears have black skin?  And walruses can whistle!  We organized all our new learning using tree maps.  These tree maps helped us with our nonfiction writing.  

On Wednesday, we compared them using a venn diagram.  We also made a polar bear and a walrus.  They turned out great!  We have gotten so many compliments!