Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Down on the Farm

Today we went on our very first field trip to Old McFaye's Farm.  We had a blast!  We have been learning about farmers and farm animals since we got back from break.  Getting the full farm experience was a great way to conclude our farm study! Take a look at all we did!  :) 

We got to hold some bunnies and feed them carrots!  They were so cute!

We went on a hayride!  

We made a farm craft.  

We  got to go inside the barn and see Flo the horse.  We also got to see where Farmer Faye keeps the food.  

We got to feed chickens, goats, sheep, and a mule.  We were all very brave!  

We got to hang out and feed a peacock.  He was showing off his beautiful feathers.  The camera doesn't do them justice!  

We brushed Bubbles the pony's hair.  

We all got to ride a pony!  :)  

After our picnic lunch, Farmer Faye let loose Sadie the pig!  She enjoyed our leftovers!  

We had so much fun at Old McFaye's Farm!  :)  

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