Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who of the Week!

Every week we will spotlight a different student in our "Who of the Week" display.  On the Friday before your child is the "Who of the Week", they will come home with a Cat in the Hat bag with a letter in it.  The letter outlines what the special thing the  "Who of the Week" gets to do each day. 
On Monday, the "Who of the Week" gets to bring in the Cat in the Hat bag with a few of their favorite things to share with the class.  They also send in photos to put up in our display below.  

On Tuesday, they get to bring in a few of their favorite books for us to read during snack.  On Wednesday, their parents send in a letter about them for us to read during snack.  On Thursday, they get a special lunch visitor.  And on Friday the class writes about them in their "Who of the Week Journal".  They get to sit in the share square and we ask them questions and fill in a circle map about them.  Then we draw and write about them in our journal.  

Every child will get to be the "Who of the Week" sometime this year.  I look forward to learning more about your child through this fun activity!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Flashlight Friday!

After meeting our first Read to Self stamina goal, we got to have a Flashlight Friday!  It was a blast!  Check out some pictures below!  

Daily Five :)

The Daily Five is in full swing in room 204!  I am so proud!  We began with Read to Self.  We talked about what stamina is and have been graphing our daily reading stamina.  During this time, the students are reading from their personal book boxes.  We talked about the right way to read during Read to Self.  We modeled the right and wrong way and then tried it out!  We made it a whopping 19 seconds!  But that's okay because it was only our first try!  After a few weeks of practicing Read to Self, we finally built our stamina up to 7 minutes. Wow!  We have now introduced the next part of the Daily Five- Work on Writing.  Check out Read to Self in action below!