Sunday, May 12, 2013

Plants and Seeds

After our study of farms we moved into our plant unit.  We talked about seeds and what plants need in order to grow.  We learned about the parts of plants and their function.  We also sorted plants by ones we eat and ones we don't.  We even learned that we can eat roots!  
At the end of our study of plants, we planted some grass buddies.  We put soil in a cup, added the grass seed, watered them, and put them in the windowsill so they could get sunlight.  We did this on a Thursday and came back after the weekend and found these!  Too cute!  

We also did a fun math activity with seeds.  We opened up a variety of fruits and vegetables and counted how many seeds they had in them.  Then we graphed them on a bar graph.  It was very interesting!  

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