Sunday, March 10, 2013

Future Meteorologists?!

This week our learning was focused around weather.  We learned about meteorologists and what they do.  We found out that meteorologists don't just report the weather on television, but are scientists that study weather.  
All this week, we worked on a cooperative group project.  This was our first cooperative group project and they did so well!  Their job was to write and film a weather forecast.  We split up into five groups.  There were four different jobs: director, meteorologist, writer/researcher, and artist.  The kids worked together to decide their jobs.  We talked about the different ways they could solve the problem of more than one person wanting a certain job.  (We had no fights!  I was so proud!!)  Next, they chose their location.  They got to choose from Washington, D.C, China, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa.  

Once they were settled in with their jobs and locations, they began their research.  They used on the iPads to find out the forecast for their location.  The writer took notes.  

Next, they began to work on their background for their newscast.  Some chose to draw a map of their location and some chose to draw a scene.  

While the artist and director were working on the background, the writer and meteorologist worked on the weather report.  They practiced these over and over again!  

Here are our finished projects!  Enjoy!  

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