Monday, March 19, 2012

Top of the Mornin' to Ya!

On Monday, I began our morning message with the greeting "Top of the Mornin' to Ya!"  It was so fun to see them come in the rest of the week saying that to one another and tipping their imaginary hats!  Too cute!  
This week we learned about the symbols and traditions of St. Patrick's Day.  We read some Irish folk tales, made rainbows, and came very close to trapping a leprechaun!  It was a fun week!  

On Monday, we did a word study with the word "lucky".  Then we discussed the different things that make us lucky and wrote about them.  

We read Gail Gibbon's book about St. Patrick's Day.  It taught us about the history and symbols of the holiday.  We learned about leprechauns and we made these cute leprechaun masks!  

On Tuesday, we did some Skittles math.  We sorted our Skittles by color and made a graph.  Then, we used our data to make some addition sentences.  

On Wednesday we learned about fair shares using the book, "The Doorbell Rang".  We read the story and used the Mimio to practice sharing.  Then we used cereal to practice on our own.  

That afternoon, we reviewed ROY. G. BIV (the order of the colors of the rainbow), and made tissue paper rainbows.  They turned out beautiful!  

On Thursday, we did a leprechaun glyph and made a fair shares book to go inside him.  

On Thursday afternoon, we had an unexpected visitor!  A leprechaun came into our classroom and made quite a mess!  He turned things upside down and left glitter and gold all over!  He made a pile of green things on the carpet.  

He also left us some messages.  This one said "You will never get my gold!"

And this one said, "You can't catch me!"

Here is a video that shows our reactions when we discovered what had happened!  

After we got our classroom back in order, we decided to make some leprechaun traps.  We used styrofoam cups, clothes pins, and pennies to make our traps.  We set them up all over our classroom.  

When we came in the next morning, you won't believe what we found!  All of our traps had magically turned into little leprechaun hats.  They also left is some more gold!  But we didn't trap that sneaky leprechaun!  He fooled us again!  

During writing, we wrote a letter to our leprechaun.  It says, 
"Dear Parsley Leprechaun, Thank you for the gold.  Please do not mess up our classroom.  You are tricky.  Come back and we will be nice.  Love, Ms. Crowley's Class"  

Then we made wanted posters and hung them up in the hallways.  

To end our week of St. Patrick's Day fun, we made leprechaun punch.  We mixed Sprite and green sherbet.  Then we put some green sprinkles on top.  Yum!  

Even though we never caught the Parsley Leprechaun, we still had a lot of fun!  

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