Monday, March 5, 2012

President's Day Fun!

We started out the week of President's Day learning about the father of our country, George Washington.  We read a biography about him and used a tree map to organize our new learning.  Later in the day, we used our tree map to help us do some nonfiction writing about Washington.  

The next day we learned about our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.  Once again we used a tree map to organize our new learning.  During writing, we write a nonfiction piece about Lincoln and made these fun crafts!  

We compared Washington and Lincoln using a venn diagram.  We discussed their similarities and differences.  

We also did these fun directed drawings of the two famous Americans.  Thanks to Deanna Jump and her America unit for these fun activities!  

I love how they each turned out so different!  We have a class full of artists! 

We did a lot of fun President themed activities in math.  My favorite was measuring Abraham Lincoln.  The students used markers, unifix cubes, links, and pencils to measure his height.  They had a lot of fun with this!  

We also talked about our current president, Barack Obama.  We took a tour of the White House and wrote letters to the President.  

We had such a great time learning about Presidents!  We also had fun exploring biographies.  Next week we turn our focus to famous African Americans and autobiographies.  

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