Saturday, July 19, 2014

Japan Day 7- Minoh Falls

Sunday morning we got on a train and headed back to Osaka to prepare for our week in the schools.  That afternoon we decided to take a hike up to Minoh Falls.  I was really excited because I have never been to a waterfall before!  It was an overcast and cooler day which was perfect!  
This is the path we took.  

There were several little falls along the way.  

We passed a temple with a monk outside it.  

And some beautiful bridges!  

There was a little museum hidden among the trees.  I think it was an art gallery.  

This picture makes  the falls look tiny but it was much bigger in real life!  

Our professor said that every year they do the hike they always see at least one monkey.  Unfortunately we didn't see any this time.  :(  

On the way back down we bought some fried maple leafs to try.  They were actually delicious!  I will add that to my list of weird foods I have tried on  this trip!  :)  

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