Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Penguin Fun!

We had so much fun learning about penguins!  We were penguin experts by Friday!  We recorded all the information we learned on a penguin tree map and used it to write our "All About Penguins" nonfiction books.  I forgot to get pictures of their books.  They turned out great!  I hope you had fun reading them with your child. :)  
We pretended to be penguin moms and dads by balancing an "egg" on our feet.  It was hard work!

We did an experiment to see how Penguins and other Arctic animals keep warm in  the frigid temperatures.  We used crisco to make a blubber glove.  We put one hand in the glove and left one hand out of the glove.  Then we put both hands in ice water to see which one got cold first.  The blubber definitely kept that hand warm!  

By Friday, we were Penguin experts!  We made our own little penguins on Friday out of water bottles.  We estimated how many cotton balls it would take to fill the bottle.  A lot of us estimated big numbers like 85 or 100.  We found out it only took about 17.  Guess we need to work on our estimating skills.  ;) 

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