Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 Days Smarter!!

I can't believe that this week was our 100th day of school!! This year is flying by!  On Monday, we did a lot of fun activities centered around the number 100.  

We made "100 Days Smarter" silly hats.  We put ten strips with ten stickers or dots on them which we found out equaled 100!  :)  We looked mighty silly walking down the hall in these!  

We dressed up as 100 year olds! Adorable!  

We made a list of things that we would want 100 of...

and would NOT want 100 of.  

We made self portraits of ourselves at 100.  

And we counted our pennies and added them to our Relay for Life jingle jar.  We practiced putting the pennies in groups of ten and counting them by tens.  

We have had a wonderful 100 days of Kindergarten!  

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