Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day!

We had such a busy Groundhog Day!  We came to school this morning eager to find out whether or not Phil saw his shadow!  We checked and found out that he did.  Six more weeks of winter! Maybe we will get some snow!  

Yesterday we read a book about predictions and made our own predictions about whether or not Phil would see his shadow.  


We analyzed our data from our graph and saw that more of us thought he would see his shadow.  

During our shared reading this week, we have been learning a song called "I'm a Little Groundhog".  The kids love it!  They sing it all day!  

 We have been performing it all week for other teachers, so I thought I would make a video so that you all could hear it too!  It is too cute!

During writing we read a story about a groundhog and his burrow.  After we read the story, we brainstormed what we would want our burrow to be like if we were a groundhog.  Then we drew pictures of our burrows and wrote about them.  Most of us decided we would like our burrow to be warm and cozy!  

During math, we went outside and measured our shadows.  We used our feet as our measuring tools and recorded our measurements.  Once we got back inside, we compared our measurements and wrote math sentences using the words longer and shorter.  I am so glad the sun decided to come out!  

To end our Groundhog Day, we made these adorable and yummy groundhog snacks!  Thanks to everyone who sent items in!  

We had such a great day!  I can't wait to celebrate out 100th day on Monday! 

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