Wednesday, February 8, 2012

100 Days Smarter!

I can't believe we have been in school for 100 days!  We had so much fun celebrating this milestone!  Here is a quick look at our day!

During shared reading, we read a book about the 100th day of school.  In the story, a little girl brings her 100 year old great grandmother to school with her on the 100th day.  We discussed what it meant to be 100 years old and talked about how we thought we would look and feel at that age.  Some of my favorite responses were: "I think I would feel all funny inside" and "I think it would take me hours to do things."  :)  Then we made self portraits of ourselves at 100.  I love how they all turned out!  So cute!  

Then we read a poem called "100 Is a Lot!"  It has 100 words!  We counted to be sure!  

During writing, we wrote about what we would do if we had 100 dollars.  We made a class book to go into our classroom library.  

During math, we sorted our bags of 100 items into groups of ten and then practiced counting by tens to 100.  

For snack, we made 100th day trail mix.  We had ten different bowls of goodies.  They had to take ten items from each bowl and mix it up to make their 100 piece trail mix.  This was a lot of fun and gave us some great counting practice!  

At the end of the 100th day of school, the entire Kindergarten team got together for the 100th Day Olympics!  

We did 100 jumping jacks!  

We played 100 point bean bag toss!

We hula hooped 100 times! 

We dribbled a basketball 100 times!

We played hopscotch and practiced writing our numbers to 100 using chalk!

We did a 100 bean bag toss! 

We had so much fun celebrating the 100th day of school! 

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