Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful break!  We have had quite a busy week!  Our theme this week was New Years and Winter Weather.  On Monday we talked about what New Years means, how it is celebrated, and we talked about how people make resolutions.  We made self portraits of ourselves wearing party hats and did a writing activity about what we would like to do this year.  They turned out great!  We came up with a lot of interesting goals for this year!  

In science we read a non fiction book about snow.  Before we read, we made a schema chart.  We talked about the things we already knew about snow and added it to our chart under "Our Schema".  Then after we read the book, we added our new learning to our chart and checked for any misconceptions.  

This week, we read a lot of fun books about snowmen.  After reading a story about building a snowman, we did a shared writing about the different parts of a snowman.  We used a brace map because brace maps show the parts of a whole.  

Then each student got to draw their own snowman and use a brace map to show its different parts.  

We also did a fun writing activity about snow globes.  We looked closely at a snow globe and talked about what we saw inside.  Then we brainstormed things we would like to do if we lived in a snow globe.  Each student wrote a sentence about what they would do if they lived in a snow globe.  Then they made their own snow globe with a scene to match their sentence.  

We had a great time learning about New Years and Winter Weather this week!  We will continue our study of winter and snowmen next week.  Have a great week!  

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