Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Polar Express Day!

What an exciting day we had in room 116!  Everyone came in looking so comfy in their pajamas, ready for a day of Polar Express fun!

We started out our day by listening to the story on CD.  Julian was kind enough to bring this in for us!  After listening to the story, we filled in our story elements chart.  We talked about the characters, setting, problem, and solution.  

In The Polar Express the problem is that the little boy loses the first gift of Christmas, a silver bell.  This problem is solved when Santa finds the bell in his sleigh and gives it back to the little boy on Christmas morning.  Later in our day, we did a writing activity about the first gift of Christmas.  We wrote about what we would choose if we got a chance to choose the first gift of Christmas.  These activities are from Deanna Jump's Polar Express unit on TPT.  

Emmy said that she would choose candy!  

After lunch and a quick recess, it was time to begin the movie!  

We had hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a candy cane!  We also snacked on some yummy treats!  Thanks to everyone who sent in goodies!  

We also wrapped and labeled our holiday workshop gifts.  They are so excited to share their beautiful creations with their friends and family!  They put a lot of thought into who they were going to give their gifts to!  

Before we left for the day, we got a group picture of the class in their matching reindeer t-shirts!  

And of course, we HAD to take a silly one!  :)  

Happy Holidays!  Thanks for all you do!  I will see you all next year!  

Ms. Crowley  

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