Friday, February 28, 2014

Jan Brett and Hibernation Day!

In January we did a big Jan Brett author study.  We read several of her books, compared them, and learned a lot about her as an author.  One of our favorite books she wrote was "The Mitten".  We spent a few days on it and had a blast!  To end our study, we acted out the book using masks and a box disguised as a mitten.  :)  

During our Jan Brett study, we also talked about animals in winter.  We learned that some animals have to hibernate during the winter time.  We read a lot of books about hibernation and celebrated our new learning by having a hibernation day!  Everyone wore pajamas and brought a hibernating stuffed animal.  We built "caves" around the room using sheets.  We turned out the lights and hibernated for a whopping 2 minutes before the giggles got the best of us!  :)  As the lights came back on, everyone emerged from their hibernation very slowly and went looking for their snack for energy.  It was a lot of fun!  

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