Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Wow!  I have a lot of catching up to do!  I am so sorry that I have not been blogging lately!  I am usually better about doing it on a weekly basis.  :)

I will begin by explaining how we have been learning the alphabet and letter sounds.  We follow the pacing guide of the "Words Their Way" curriculum.  We do not teach the letters in order from A-Z, we jump around a bit.  :)  For each letter we learn an action to go along with it to help us remember it's sound.  For example we say, "B-bounce-/b/" and we act like we are bouncing a basketball.  We have a nursery rhyme or poem that we read to go along with each letter and we find and highlight the letter of the day.  We make a circle map of pictures that begin with that sound and we learn a new song and dance too!  During writing we have been working on forming the letter of the day.  We also have a mystery animal that we work on too (I am sure you have all heard about that!)  It all makes for quite a busy morning!  

We are finishing up the consonants this week and will be moving on to short and long vowels next week!  

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