Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fairy Tales and the Writing Process...

I am sure that you have read your child's published fairy tale by now!  Didn't they turn out great?!?  We spent two weeks reading and comparing fairy tales.  We discussed the different elements of fairy tales and read some fractured fairy tales.  During writing the first week, we wrote a class fairy tale.  We worked in groups to add illustrations.  It was called "Little Orange Riding Hood and the Big Bad Bear."  :)  

The next week we wrote our own fairy tales.  We went through the whole writing process.  We brainstormed ideas in pre-writing.  Then we wrote our rough draft.  We made revisions and I conferenced with everyone.  
After final edits and revisions were made, we began the publishing process.  We wrote our final drafts using our best handwriting, added beautiful illustrations, made a front cover, about the author page, and sent them off to the publisher (aka the laminating and binding machine)!  They were so excited when they saw their final books!  Once everyone was done, we went to Ms. MacDougall's first grade class and shared our stories.  I am so proud of their hard work!!!  

Yes, at one point our tables all looked like this!  It was a hot mess!  ;)  

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