Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hibernation, Migration, and Adaption...Oh My!

I am sorry that I have been behind with our blog posts!  I have had a hard time getting back on the swing of it since break!  The week before last we learned about hibernation, migration, and adaptation.  
We made bird feeders for the birds.  We took toilet paper rolls, added soy butter, and then rolled it through the seed.  

On Friday, we concluded our week by having our first annual  Hibernation Day!  It was a hit!  The kids wore their pajamas and we made caves out of sheets.  We only hibernated about four minutes before the giggles and fake snores took over.  :)  

After we woke up from our hibernation, we moved very slowly because we didn't have much energy.  We sniffed around for our snack, ate it, and had tons more energy!! 

After we ate our snack, we were energized and ready for a craft.  Everyone brought a hibernating animal to school with them, so we made them some caves that they could hibernate in.  

During shared reading this week, we did a Jan Brett author study.  We read her books, "The Mitten" and "The Hat" and compared them.  We also read another version of "The Mitten" and compared it to Jan Brett's.  

We also graphed our favorite characters from "The Mitten".  The bear won with six votes.  

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