Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks!

For the past week and a half we have been learning about Thanksgiving and the reasons why it is celebrated.  We have learned about the Pilgrims' trip to America and how the Native Americans helped them.  We have been very busy working on many different Thanksgiving projects.  I am excited to share them with you!  

We used Pilgrims, Native Americans, and shapes to make patterns around the border of our placemats.  These turned out great!  Thank you to everyone who helped cut the shapes out!  You guys rock!  

We learned about different Native American symbols and used them to decorate our headdresses and vests.  

We learned about "How to..." writing and did a shared writing about how to catch a turkey!  We decided that first we would set a trap.  Then we would sit and wait.  Last we would grab the turkey.  :)  

In math we have been working on comparing and ordering numbers.  We played a fun roll a picture game using a picture of a Native American.  We took turns rolling the dice and had to put our picture back in numerical order.  It was a hit!  

We also took a class survey.  This was our first survey and they did great!  We went around the room and asked nine friends whether or not they liked turkey.  We tallied our answers and used them to make a pie chart.  

We also had a great time showing off of turkeys in disguise!  They turned out great!! Check them out below! 

This morning we had our Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.  All the Kindergarteners went to the cafeteria to give thanks and have muffins and fruit.  We wore our Native American and Pilgrim costumes.  They looked precious!  

We also wore our costumes to lunch on Monday!  


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