Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Alphabet Fun!

It has been another fantastic week in room 204!  We are learning our routines and getting to know each other well.  We read David Shannon's book, "David Goes to School" and talked about why rules are important.  We wrote a class pledge and signed our name at the bottom.  We will keep this up all year as a reminder.  I love hearing the different things they come up with!  :)  

On Monday, we learned about the letter D.  We read a book about dinosaurs and the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle".  We learned our new Heidi Song and practiced our old ones.  Heidi Songs are short little dance songs for each letter.  It helps us remember how to write the letter and what sound it makes.  We LOVE these songs!! 

On Tuesday we learned about the letter Ee.  We read "Elmer" and made our own colorful elephants.  

On Wednesday we learned about the letter Ff.  We read lots of fun frog books and made frogs with freckles.  I love how they all turned out so different!  

On Thursday we learned about the letter Gg.  We read a book called "Greta the Grateful Goldfish" and talked about what it meant to be grateful.  Then we made gobs of glue!  We mixed a gob of glue with some food coloring and swirled it into different designs.  It sure was messy, but we had a lot of fun!  

On Friday, we reviewed our letters from the week and we also had our first round of show and tell.  

Matthew shared his Avengers book.  

Logan shared his magnets that you can build things with.  

And Mary shared a picture of her puppy.  

They did a great job!  Please remember to check the newsletter to see when it is your child's turn.  

One of our writing lessons this week was about making sure our papers were "3 Star" papers.  This means that we colored in the lines, our colors made sense, and we left no white space.  Please remind your child of this when you are working with them at home.  :)  

We had a great second full week!  Next week we will be focusing on the letters H, I, J, and K.  We will also begin our sorting unit in math.  

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